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Protosport announce The RSA Mini Cup

The locally based motorsports promotion business Protosport who created Alltrak and the Rallysport Association formally announces the start of another new motorsport venture, The RSA Mini Cup.

This concept has been created as an affordable entry opportunity into car rallying and racing and is open to anyone from 14 years who can drive a car. Protosport created a similar concept in 2002, The Alltrak Vauxhall Nova Challenge which has proved to be fundamental in the development of many of the current breed of the top Irish Rally drivers, including The Moffett brothers, Stephen Wright, Alistair Fisher, Patrick O’Brien and many other top tier Irish rally contenders.

The RSA Mini Cup is a timed ‘sprint’ event held at a wide variety of different venues all over Ireland ranging from country estates, motorsport rally and race centres and international standard racing tracks. The challenges at these different venues include tarmac, gravel and a mix of both surfaces.

The Mini Cup cars are safety modified Mini Ones and Coopers 2000-2006 with an electronic engine performance upgrade. In reality the car Mum used for shopping could be prepared for motorsport at a cost of under £3000 including tyres and graphics, which in this day and age is seriously affordable motorsport!

Local Irish kart and buggy racing champion Michael Hyde tested the first RSA Mini Cup car on the stages of Aghadowey Motorsport Centre in February and was seriously impressed with the cars handling and overall performance from the 135bhp upgraded engine. “YOU REALLY HAVE TO KEEP THE MOTOR BUZZING TO GET THE MOST OUT OF THE PACKAGE AND IT REALLY IS A FANTASTIC CAR, THE CONDITIONS WERE TRICKY AT AGHADOWEY AND THE CAR, ON THE TOYO TIRES WAS A JOY TO DRIVE IN BOTH THE WET AND DRY PARTS OF THE TRACK, ITS A BRILLIANT IDEA”.

This new concept also has serious benefits in developing the younger driver experience and knowledge especially as they get a chance to push a car to the limit in a safe environment, experience that can only improve their overall road driving safety. As the use of the car can be shared by two people Dad can do it too..Perfect craic….could you beat it?

Information is available at or if you want to get into The Mini Cup just phone 028 3839 3344 or 07788 598461.

Race Results

Results will be available when the Mini Cup goes live!

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