Class Structures


Since the formation of the RSA we have always tried to keep our class structure simplified as in the ‘early days’ we started with six classes and we found this suited our ‘pool’ of original competitors and it has worked pretty well over the years.  Over the last 16 years car performance has changed considerably and to maintain a fair class structure within the RSA in the future we feel that some relatively minor modifications to class organisation are  necessary to move forward with the current times.

Our research has discovered a basis for a class structure that we believe to be suitable for us which is commonly used throughout the UK in MSA regulated events at similar venues and events that are very similar to the RSA formula.

Class 1 – Cars up to and including 1250 cc (12 – 17 yrs) *

Class 2 – Cars up to and including 1250 cc (18 Yrs +) * 

Class 3 – Cars over 1251cc up to and including 1400cc

Class 4 – Cars over 1401cc up to and including 1600cc

Class 5 – Cars over 1601cc up to and including 2000cc – 8 valve

Class 6 – Cars over 1601cc – with 16 and more valves and cars
over 2001cc – 8 valve  

Class 7- Specials, (RX, Race & ‘Other’ non rally cars)

Class 8 – All Turbocharged/ Supercharged and 4 WD rally cars

Class 9 – Race Buggies – 600cc original engine capacity

Class 10 – Race Buggies – 750cc original engine capacity

Class 11 – Race Buggies – 1000cc original engine capacity

* Class 1 & 2 cars must be of types 10 years old and greater, be built to recognised (MSA/MI) rally car safety standards and be fitted with a homologated and stamped roll cage from an FIA approved manufacturer.

Cars must use all standard components that were associated with the original build as it left the manufacturers factory. No form of tuning is permitted. The suspension may be up-graded to a competition specification however coil over units are prohibited

Comprehensive details are now available in “Class 1 and 2 Regulations 2017” section of our site. For any clarification on build and eligible specification please contact the RSA on (+44) 07788 598461

(9am – 6pm phone, text 24 hr)

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