Latest News: 26th January 2022


We are excited to announce that our new online entry system is now live and available for testing! We hope to use this system going forward so we encourage you all to give it a try and familiarise yourself with it before the first official entry opens. If you have any queries or notice any issues don’t hesitate to let us know! Follow this link to give it a try: Book Online!

The last event in our NI Winter Championship 2021/22 was held at Shackleton, Ballykelly on Saturday the 15th of January. Competitors enjoyed perfect weather conditions and the 143 competitors enjoyed 7 stages over the fantastic Shackleton stage. Congratulations to all the class winners, and to the double Overall Winner Aaron McLaughlin in his WRC Fiesta and his 750cc Speedcar Race Buggy. The full results are available via the ‘Results’ link at the top of this page.

Watch the highlights from our NI Winter Series Rd 6 here:


The entries for our next round of the Winter Championship at Aghadowey on Saturday the 29th January are full and now closed. The latest edition of the Entry List can be found via the Entry list link at the top of this page.

The event planned in ROI on the 5th of February coincided with the Galway International Rally which had stages very close to Tynagh which would have proved to be a major impediment for our event so we have decided to cancel it.

The following event is now at Shackleton on Saturday the 12th of February which will replace the NI event previously planned for the following weekend, the 19th. Entries for this event will be available via our new entry system from Monday 31st January at 2pm.

The next event in ROI will be at Tynagh on Sunday the 6th of March.


The dates and locations for the remaining NI and Irish Winter Championship programme for 2021/22 are detailed below. Championship registration is free and points will be allocated after each event. All details will be updated on this page as we progress to the Championship Finals in March 2022.

We are very pleased to advise all associates and friends of the RSA in Ireland that the business of Montgomery Motorsport in Co Tyrone has been bought by a long standing friend and family competitor with the RSA. Neil Somerville purchased the business from Malcolm Montgomery and is very enthusiastic with his new direction in business. Neil has committed to supporting all RSA competitors with highly competitive deals on parts, equipment and clothing and we would like to encourage you to give him your fullest support. He can be contacted directly on +44 7966 167782/ +44 28 8554 9851 or call in at 9 Fardross Road, Clogher, Co Tyrone, BT76 0HG.


The next event on the RSA calendar is the seventh round of the 2021/22 NI Winter Championship and will be held at Aghadowey on Saturday the 29th of January . Entries for this event are open to ALL CLASSES and entries will open on Monday the 17th January at 2pm.

In order to minimize social interaction and help control the spread of the Covid-19 virus, Entries can only now be made for this and future events on-line through the Enter Online link at the top of this page.

We are still in our Christmas period event plan and the gates to the venue will open at 7.00am. Signing on will commence 8.00am in the reception building and scrutiny will take place in one of the hangars from 8.00am. Please ensure all cars have been cleaned and sanitized for this event and race wear and helmets for car crew are for car motorsport and satisfy RSA technical and associated regulations (available on this website) and are available for inspection at scrutiny. RACE SUITS THAT ARE NOT TO A FIREPROOF STANDARD WILL NOT BE PERMITTED FOR USE UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. Noise testing may also be taken so please ensure vehicles can satisfy the maximum permitted RSA noise regulation of 100 dba for cars and 105 dba for race buggies measured .5 metre from the exhaust end at 4000 rpm cars and 6000 rpm for race buggies. Tests will not be taken prior to 10 am due to noise control at this event but will be be taken at random during the event by scrutineers both stationary and on stage so be advised that test failure will result in exclusion unless satisfactory tests can be concluded after a retest.

The competitors briefing will take place at the reception building at 9.45am and cars should be lined up ready in the pit lanes to start at 10.00 sharp. We have provided a written version of the drivers briefing here and we would like to encourage new competitors to familiar themselves with this standard event briefing however we still insist on full participation for every competitor at every event to satisfy IOPD and our commitments to our insurers as we may inform of additional information relating to each event.

We want also to reinforce notice that any abuse, verbally or otherwise delivered to any of the RSA track marshal’s and event management team will NOT be tolerated and may result in exclusion from this and future events.

Noise is closely monitored at this venue so therefore we can only permit ANY engine to be revved after 10.00am.

An observation lap for each crew will start at 10.10am and the first stage of the planned six/seven will follow immediately after. Competitors best five times will ultimately determine the results.

The prize giving for this event will take place 15 minutes after the last car finishes and everyone is invited to attend although we request that everyone obeys the social distancing governmental guidelines. The final results will be available here, on this website for download by 6.00pm that evening.

Our event photographers who post pictures of the action on Facebook over the course of the week following the event are detailed below:

Eamon Ponsonby (EP Photography)

Neil Coulter

Philip Stewart

RJ Pics

A video recap can also be found from CMC Videos which shows the sights and sounds of the event!

We wish to thank all competitors for their support for the RSA  and we look forward to enjoying more events with you all in 2021 and 2022.



All entries should be placed via the ‘Enter Online’ link at the top of this page. Please ensure entry forms are completed correctly and in full!

Entries withdrawn at least 48 hours hours before the event will be entitled to a full refund or held on credit towards future events. Entries withdrawn or cancelled within 48 hours of the event start will NOT be entitled to a refund or credit. ‘No shows’ on the day of the event will NOT be entitled to a refund and credit.

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