Latest News: September 18th 2020.

The next event in the hectic RSA calendar is next Sunday the 20th September at The Nutts Corner Motorsports Circuit. THE ON-LINE ENTRY OPTION FOR THIS EVENT IS NOW CLOSED . The latest edition of the entry list can be viewed through the Entry List link at at top of this page and has been updated &, numbered and sorted ready for Sundays event.

The prize presentation for the 2019/20 RSA Winter NI Championship will take place at the event prize giving. The Championship final positions are published in the results link at the top of this page. Trophy winners who are unable to attend should contact us to organise a delivery solution for their trophies.

COMPETITORS WILL ONLY BE PERMITTED WITH ONE OTHER PERSON TO ACCOMPANY THEM. We must still strictly adhere to this policy to continue to provide RSA events in IRELAND to concur with the current government directives in relation to outdoor events so please be advised that WE ARE REGULATED AND OBSERVED BY GOVERNMENT AND WILL REFUSE VEHICLES AND CREWS WHO DO NOT COMPLY! We hope to announce a relaxation of this issue for our next event at Shackleton on the 3rd October however we must wait on compliance with the developing NI government directives regarding Coronavirus controls.

The goal of The RSA is to be permitted to continue to provide top class motor sport events during this health crisis while we all await a worldwide vaccine/ solution. We ask all our competitors and new friends to respect our unique flexibility earned with our regulators through 25 years of experience in events management and now into these difficult times. We require your sympathy with our efforts to concur with governmental guidelines and regulations to continue with motor sport through this pandemic crisis. WE NEED COMPETITORS TO CURRENTLY RESPECT THE DRIVER PLUS ONE OTHER requirement to satisfy our operational requirements.

We wish to advise ALL COMPETITORS that the continuation of RSA events through this pandemic is a very serious matter to us and while we respect all of our NI/Irish RSA competitors we must insist on compliance with our respect of the governmental guidelines to include and continue the development of our sport in these unprecedented times


The current arrangements for the venues and dates for the Winter Championships in both the North and South of Ireland during 2020 & 2021 are now finalised and are now published below.

We introduced the updated RSA class regulations (see below) at Tynagh and Aghadowey which have received a very positive response and will continue to use this structure for the foreseeable future. We welcome competitor feedback during the remaining events in September and October so please send your comments and opinions to us through all the various contact options.

The updated edition of Mini Cup Regulations are available through the Mini Cup link through at the top of this page. Safety cages are now available through Montgomery Motorsport in Augher Co Tyrone and from an alternative supplier on the UK mainland (details available at RSA). ECU mapping for all Mini Cup competitors has now been replaced following the business demise of our original supplier, Superchips and as a result ALL Mini Cup cars will require a remap prior to the commencement of the NI and ROI Winter championships in October. We can provide this facility at the next NI event next weekend at Nutts Corner and at the next weekend events at Tynagh on the 17/18th October. Pre booking is required. Alternatively competitors should contact the RSA office to discuss alternative arrangements for the remap. Please be advised that only RSA Mini Cup cars which have been given the new RSA ECU map will qualify for inclusion in Mini Cup results and the qualification for championship points from the commencement of the 2020/21 Winter Championship. Mini Cup competitors will be glad to know that included in the cost of the remap is a contribution to a new map reading device which will be used by the RSA scrutineering team to monitor competitors compliance with the 2020/21 RSA Mini Cup regulations.

In consideration of the restructuring of the RSA classes please note that all Class 2 cars must now always carry a navigator/passenger to satisfy ballast equality to concur with the regulations regarding the junior drivers now competing in this class.

Please download and read the specific Drivers Briefing Information for this event which are available to download further down this page in 'Events Information'. All competitors will be asked to confirm their consumption and understanding of this 'non verbal' briefing prior to participation. Failure to do so will result in automatic exclusion from the event. General Event information will be distributed over our 'pits PA system' during the event day however as we progress the pandemic circumstances may change so please keep regularly advised through the RSA website for updates on event information.

New event operational procedures will be in place which are highlighted below which we MUST fully enforce with NO EXCEPTIONS. Our commitments to these procedures have allowed us to provide events much earlier than other promoters and we trust our competitors will concur with the changes without fuss and confrontation so we can continue to provide events as this pandemic evolves. Please understand that our Insurers and regulators are based in England and unfortunately are in a more restricted environment due to the poorer statistics of COVID-19 management so we hope our competitors appreciate the opportunity that we have been able to create and that we hope to continue to enjoy here in Ireland.

In consideration of our responsibilities in relation to 'Social Control' and our responsibilities to our competitors in controlling the potential distribution of Covid-19, competitors and crew must:

Agree to be directed to a specific service zone which will be allocated in relation to the arrival time at the venue. Competitor and crew must remain in this zone while in service and we request recognised 'social distancing' be respected while in the pre start area. Colour coded wristbands will be given to each competitor and crew which relates to the zone 'coloured signage' so please ensure these bands are worn prior to the signing on process where checks will be completed. This concept allows us to 'Track and Trace' competitors association with others and to warn other 'Zone colleagues' of a potential infection of the Virus if required however unlikely.

Accept, without any exceptions whatsoever that ONLY ONE COMPETITOR WITH ONE ADDITIONAL CREW MEMBER WILL BE ADMITTED TO THE VENUE. We respectfully ask that ALL COMPETITORS respect this stipulation AND THIS INCLUDES ADDITIONAL FAMILY AND CHILDREN. We wish to warn in advance that if necessary we will refuse entry to ANY COMPETITOR despite the length and depth of their relationship with RSA who does not concur with this request.

Understand that we have had to agree to these and other CHANGES with the other organisations that make it possible for the RSA to function in this new environment and we realise some may find the change 'difficult'. The RSA crew have been instructed and trained to be understanding and not to tolerate any abuse whatsoever in implementing the new procedures. The RSA reserve the right to exclude any competitor or crew who express's unacceptable verbal abuse or aggression in any way.

Understand that all entries have been made and have been pre-paid and paid On-line and therefore Signing On is now a different procedure. Driver and Crew must visit the Signing On building in pairs, enter and exit in pairs and execute the sign on documents, confirm entry with the time keeper and collect their competition number if necessary and leave promptly to allow the next competitor/crew to be permitted entry. NO 'ON THE DAY ENTRIES WILL BE AVAILABLE'. Admission in small groups will be permitted to the door of this building during the event to access the RSA support crew and view and review the on going times/results/class and overall positions at the end of each stage.

A prize giving will take place 20 minutes after the last car finishes in front of the reception building. We ask all participants to respect governments guidelines on social distancing at this gathering. We also ask ALL competitors that during the event, to use the hand sanitising stations provided regularly through the event and read, digest and follow the guidelines on the Covid-19 information that is on display.

We are confident that the RSA , their competitors and crew will adapt to this different event formula quite quickly together with the benefit of our 23 years experience in the events management business. We believe that the 'lock down' period has not been all about 'doom and gloom and bad hair' but a catylist for an exciting future in independent Irish Motorsport.

The images on this website have been generously provided by Raymond Elliott of RJ Pics, Liam of and Eamon Ponsonby of EP Photography.

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The Protosport Junior XR Crosskart Challenge – Launch date – November 2020.

This is the opportunity for the early development of rally & race champions of the future.

We bring together today’s technology with that of the future,

Pure Petrol and Pure Electric powered machines in competition together for the first time.

Serious competition incorporated and controlled within an established motorsport formula.

Competitively priced with entry level options to suit all budgets.

The XR140 with 4 speed semi-automatic sequential gearbox starts at: £4000.

The XRE MightE with a fully electronic new generation power plant 6 – 36hp starts at £6115.

Unfortunately, our prices are subject to VAT as appropriately applied in Ireland and the UK.

Contact Alan or Michael for more information: (048) 38 39 33 44

New Class Structure

Class 1: Maximum 1000cc, built to MSUK/MI Junior 1000 spec – age 12-17yrs

Class 2: Maximum 1250cc, tuning restricted & E marked tyres, – any age from 12yrs

Class 3: Maximum 1450cc (FWD & RWD)

Class 4: 1451cc – 1650cc (8 valve)

Class 5: 1451cc – 1650cc, 16 valve (including R2 cars)

Class 6: 1651cc – 2100cc (8 valve)

Class 7: 1651cc – 2100cc (16 valve)

Class 8: Specials (race cars, hot rods, rallycross) with MX5 sub class (numbers permitting)

Class 9: 2101cc + (non turbo)

Class 10: Non-WRC turbo charged & 4WD (eg Impreza, EVO)

Class 11: R5 and WRC.

Class 12: Mini Cup – any age from 12yrs

Class B1: 600cc Race Buggies

Class B2: 601cc – 1000cc Race Buggies (1000cc machines under continual review)

Class B3: XR Junior Race Buggies, 140cc petrol & MightE electric – 6 -13 yrs

The dates and venues for our events in Ireland in 2020 are published below and we welcome regular entries together with casual entries at ALL our events. We also welcome experienced competitors along with newcomers together with first time competitors and juniors (12 yrs +) to sample the unique and enjoyable experience of a Rallysport Association event.

Our events from August 2020 have received a considerable demand for entry places. It is advised that entries are made well before entry closure and that the new 'post lock down' preliminaries are completed to ensure confirmed entry places.

The entry confirmation will be clarified during the build up and at the very latest by 10pm on the entry list at this website link on the Wednesday prior to each event weekend.


The next event on the RSA calendar will be held at The Nutts Corner Motorsport Centre next Sunday the 20th of September. Entries are still available for this event through the On Line Entry link at the top of this page. In order to minimise social interaction and help control the spread of the Covid-19 virus we now will only accept entries made using our on-line facility, at our office in Portadown or by special arrangement  by text,  phone or Watsapp on +44 (0)28 38 393344 or +44 (0) 7788 598461.

Please be aware that we expect demand for entries at RSA events during the remainder of 2020 to continue to exceed availability.

The first edition of the entry list for this meeting will be available by Wednesday 16th September and will be updated regularly during the remainder of the week as we lead up to the event.

Events at this venue always attract many casual entries especially in these restricted times so we strongly recommend that entries should be made sooner rather than later for places to be guaranteed. The maximum entry will be capped for this event due to governmental restrictions so it is in all competitors interest to enter at least FOUR WEEKS BEFORE for future events if they want to be guaranteed a place.

Entries can only now be made on-line through the Enter Online link at the top of this page.

The gates to the venue will open at 7.30am. Signing on will commence 8.00am in the reception building and scrutiny will take place at competitors service area  from 8.10am. Please ensure all cars have been cleaned and sanitized for this event and race wear and helmets for car crew are for car motorsport and satisfy RSA technical and associated regulations (available on this website) and are available for inspection at scrutiny. Noise testing may also be taken so please ensure vehicles can satisfy the maximum permitted RSA noise regulation of 100 dba for cars and 105 dba for race buggies measured .5 metre from the exhaust end at 4000 rpm cars and 6000 rpm for race buggies. Tests will not be taken prior to 10 am due to noise control at this event but will be be taken at random during the event by scrutineers both stationary and on stage so be advised that test failure will result in exclusion unless satisfactory tests can be concluded after a retest.

The competitors briefing will not take place as we have moved to a new format in consideration of the Coronavirus government guidelines and each competitor will be expected to have read and digested the event briefing document herein and be lined up ready in the pit lanes to start at 9.45 sharp.

An  observation lap for each crew will start at 10.01am and the first stage of the planned six to seven stage event will follow immediately after. Competitors best Five times will ultimately determine the results.

The prize giving for this event will take place 15 minutes after the last car finishes and everyone is invited to attend although we request that everyone obeys the social distancing governmental guidelines. The final results will be available here, on this website for download by 7.00pm that evening.

We wish to thank all competitors and friends and spectators for their continued support for the RSA during 2020 and we look forward to more events with you all.



Entries are available just call or text our entry line on: 

+ 44 (0) 7788 598461 or alternatively enter online through this link

Online entries are simple and reduce administration time on the day and are preferred. Entries can also be made at our office in Portadown by arrangement. Entries are personal and cannot be reassigned or transferred.

Entries withdrawn at least 48 hours hours before the event will be entitled to a full refund or held on credit towards future events. Entries withdrawn or cancelled within 48 hours of the event start will NOT be entitled to a refund or credit. ‘No shows’ on the day of the event will NOT be entitled to a refund and credit.


The results for The NI and Irish Summer events are available through the Results link at the top of this page.
The results from previous events can be found and downloaded from the Results Archive option.





 The remaining dates for Summer 2020


Sun 20th September – Nutts Corner


Sat 3rd October – Shackleton


Sat/Sun 17/18th October – Tynagh


Sunday 25th October – Nutts Corner












Saturday 31st October – Shackleton


Sunday 15th November – Tynagh 


Saturday 28th November – Shackleton


Saturday 5th December – TBA 


Sunday 27th December – Nutts Corner


Wednesday 30th December – Tynagh


Saturday 23rd January – Shackleton


Sunday 7th February – Tynagh


Saturday 20th February – Shackleton


Sunday 7th March – TBA


Sunday 21st March – Nutts Corner


Sunday 28th March – Tynagh


Call the RSA for specific information on the latest 2020 regulations. (048) 38 39 33 44.

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