LATEST NEWS - Covid - 19 & THE NI Winter Championships. Both final Rounds have now passed and we have declared this years class and championship winners. The points details have been published and are available through the Results link at the top of this page. The trophies will be presented when circumstances normalize and details will be published when appropriate. Congratulations to all the RSA Winter Champions in this unique season.

To concur with the UK and Irish government requirements in relation to event promotion and the current health pandemic we have suspended our planned event programme for 2020 however we wish to advise all RSA competitors that immediately the situation normalises we will re-instate our event programme and our calendar will become 'live'. So for now, with serious consciousness of the severity of the pandemic, we will be focusing our thoughts and aspirations on a positive future for Irish Motorsport. The information from the RSA that will be delivered here and on social media will be of a positive nature in relation to the future plans of RSA and will include the celebration of the successes of our competitors and friends. We wish all our followers, friends and associates the best of health in this unprecedented time and we look forward to being with you 'on the other side' Take care.

The 2020 Summer Championships will have new venues and more challenges both in the North & South of Ireland which we hope will contribute to fulfil the aspirations for the continually developing loyal RSA family of competitors, friends and associated colleagues in 2020. Full and provisional calendar details and dates are published below.

This year we celebrate our 20 year anniversary with our current 1000+ annual competitors together with our 5000+ regular followers on social media which we accept is a major milestone and a 'first' for an independent promoter of motor sport in Ireland. Big congratulations to the 'younger' RSA junior graduates now moving in the 'bigger picture' of Irish and international rallying, Stephen Wright, James Wilson, Darren Devine & Josh McErlean. We also wish continued success to other RSA graduates currently doing serious rally business, Alistair Fisher, Jonny Greer, Sam & Josh Moffett, Patrick.O'Brien & Jon Armstrong, together with some of the best 'rally girls' Ireland has ever produced, Amy Cox, Janice Magee & Colette Rooney, to name only a few.

Entries are available for all events can be made on-line here through the Enter On-Line link at the top of this page, through the RSA Facebook page, by email at this website and by text, Watsapp and phone on +44 (0)7788 598461 or 048/028 38393344. ALL ENTRIES ARE NOW REQUIRED TO BE PREPAID IN FULL OR WITH AN ENTRY DEPOSIT 0F £50/€65 which can be completed via the Enter On-line link at the top of this page. Entries may still be accepted right up to the start time of the events (subject to availability), however 'late' entries will be excluded from the Free Entry Draw. The first edition of the entry list for each event will be published on the previous Wednesday and can be viewed by selecting the Entry List link at the top of this page. The entry lists will be updated periodically as the event draws nearer.

The RSA can no longer carry the financial 'chance' of 'NO SHOWS' at any of their pre booked events in consideration of over stated weather warnings from media platforms which had a serious effect to the viability of our Irish Championship event at Tynagh in February. From 1st March 2020 ALL entries will only be confirmed when the 'Entry Fee Deposit' has been received which can be made on-line at 'therallysportassociation.com'. This deposit will not be refundable and will only be carried forward to future events in exceptional circumstances. Additional details will be announced here prior to the next event at Mondello scheduled for the 7th March.

The dates and venues for the full RSA Summer 2020 programme in Ireland are published below . Entries are always welcome from new starters, junior drivers from 12 years of age, casual entries for event shakedowns and testing and as always the many past, new and regular RSA competitors.

We pride ourselves by delivering professional, enjoyable, competitive, value for money events and we appreciate the competitor support we enjoy. Our mission is to continually find and develop new, affordable and enjoyable options for adult and junior motor sport competitors at venues throughout Ireland.

Class 1 & 2 please note that we wish to accommodate MSA/MI Junior 1000 cars to these classes so the general build regulations have been revised and the regulations published on this website will be updated shortly. If in doubt contact the RSA for clarification.

The gates to all our venues will be open from 7.30am and signing on will commence at 8.00am inside the reception building. Scrutineering will be provided at competitors service area from 8.00am. The drivers briefing will take place at 9.45am with the 'sighting/observation run' immediately thereafter. A scheduled eight stage runs are on the menu with the best six determining each competitors score.

The dates and venues for the 2019/20 Irish and NI Winter Championship events are detailed below.

The images on this website have been generously provided by Raymond Elliott of RJ Pics, Liam of caoradubha.com and Eamon Ponsonby of EP Photography.

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Free Entry Draw!

RSA at Ballykelly 2019


We wish to remind ALL competitors of the importance of the need to comply with our IOPD standards in relation to safety race wear AND THE AGE OF PERMISSIBLE PASSENGERS/CO DRIVERS  which can be found in our website under general regulations. Please be advised that the appropriate motor sport race wear is required at all RSA events and any competitor who cannot fulfil this requirement and any competitor found to try to compete with an inappropriate aged co driver under the age of 17 in any event will be immediately excluded from competition WITHOUT ANY RETURN OF ENTRY FEES.

For detailed build specification for the Micra Challenge Cars please contact the series regulator, Aaron McLoughlin on 00 353 (0)87 2103604.

A selection of 2019 Rallysport Association personalised clothing and entry gift vouchers and other products and options are now available from our new on-line store which can be entered through the SHOP link at the top of this page.

The featured driver below is – Aaron Beattie – 2016 Speedcar Xtrem 750.

Aghadowey as you’ve never seen it before!
Watch the music video for Cliona Hagan’s song Born To Run, filmed at Aghadowey

The dates and venues for our two Championships in Ireland this Winter are published below and we welcome regular entries together with casual entries at ALL our events. We also welcome experienced competitors along with newcomers together with first time competitors and juniors (12 yrs +) to sample the unique and enjoyable experience of a Rallysport Association event.


The next event on the RSA calendar is to be advised Entries will be available for this event through the On Line Entry link at the top of this page. Entries are always available and can be made by email at info@therallysportassociation.com, via Facebook Messenger at the Rallysport Association and Alan Hyde Facebook pages and by text or phone or Watsapp on +44 (0) 7788 598461.

Please be aware that the demand for entries at several recent RSA events have recently exceeded availability and the arrival of competitors who want places at the last minute has caused us event management problems. As a result, and in order to be fair to ALL competitors we have necessitated a few changes so please be advised of them.

The first edition of the entry list for this meeting will be published on the Wednesday preceding the event and will be updated regularly during the remainder of the week as we lead up to the event. All entries that have been received before 10pm on the Wednesday preceding all RSA events automatically qualify for inclusion in the ‘Free Entry Draw’ which can be worth up to £120/€150 which will take place at the end of the drivers briefing, so if you are not in on time you cannot have an opportunity in the Free Entry Draw.

Events at this venue always attract many casual entries for the opportunity for shakedowns and testing prior to major Irish Rally events so we strongly recommend that entries should be made sooner rather than later for places to be guaranteed. The maximum entry will be capped for this event so it is in all competitors interest to enter BEFORE the Wednesday evening prior to the event if they want to be guaranteed a place. Entries will be accepted right up to 10 am on the morning of the event but will not be included in the ‘Free Entry Draw’.

Entries can be made on-line through this Enter Online link, on Facebook Messenger or by phone or text on our direct entry number (0044) 7788 598461. ALL ENTRIES ARE NOW REQUIRED TO BE EITHER PAID IN FULL OR HAVE BEEN SECURED BY AN ENTRY DEPOSIT OF £50/€65. This can be completed on-line or by phone

The gates to the venue will open at 7.30am. Signing on will commence 8.00am in the reception building and scrutiny will take place at each competitors service parking in the paddock from 8.10am. Please ensure all cars have been cleaned for this event and race wear and helmets for car crew satisfy RSA technical and associated regulations (available on this website) and are available for inspection at scrutiny. Noise testing may also be taken so please ensure vehicles can satisfy the maximum permitted RSA noise regulation of 105 dba measured 1 metre from the exhaust end at 3500 rpm cars and 6000 rpm for race buggies.

The competitors briefing will take place at 9.50am in front of race reception and ALL competitors and children’s parents/guardians MUST be in attendance.

An  observation lap for each crew will start at 10.15am and the first stage of this seven/eight stage event will follow immediately after.

The prize giving for this event and the championship will take place 15 minutes after the last car finishes and everyone is invited to attend. The final results will be available here, on this website for download by 6.00pm that evening.

We wish to thank all competitors and friends and spectators for their continued support for the RSA during the winter of 2019 and 2020 and we look forward to the exciting release of news for new venues in our Summer Championship together with information of a new RSA ‘junior’ competition formula and more new venues in Ireland and beyond in 2020.



Entries are available just call or text our entry line on: 

+ 44 (0) 7788 598461 or alternatively enter online through this link

Online entries are simple and reduce competitors administration time on the day and are welcomed in winter and spring time. Phoned or text entries can finish the entry process by completing the entry form at ‘signing on’ on the morning of the event.


The results for The NI and Irish Winter Championships are available through the Results link at the top of this page.
The results from previous events in this seasons Championships can be found and downloaded from the Results Archive option.





Saturday 18th April – Shackleton NI (1)


Sat 16th May – Shackleton NI (2)


Sunday 14th June – Nutts Corner (King of the Corner) NI (3)


Saturday 18th July – St Angelo NI (4)


  Sun 16th August – Nutts Corner (Ulster Grand Prix) NI (5)


 Saturday 12th September –Aghadowey NI (6)


Sat 3rd October – Shackleton NI (7)


Sat 25th October – Nutts Corner NI Champs prizegiving (8)


Seven of the eight rounds of the NI events will count towards the
2020 RSA NI Summer Championship honours.


Entries are always welcome with us for just one event, a few events or for the full championship.
 Casual and new competitors are always very welcome.







Sunday 12th April – WaterfordIrish (1) Postponed to new date


 Sunday 3rd May – TBA – Irish (2) 


Saturday 30th May – Mondello – Irish (3) 


Sat/Sun 27/28th June – TBA – Irish (4)


Sunday 2nd August – Tynagh/Other (Irish GP) Irish (5) (prov) 


 Sat/Sun 29/30th August – Tynagh/Other – Irish (6) (prov) 


Sat/Sun 19/20th September – Tynagh/Other – Irish (7) (prov)


       17th October – Mondello, Irish Champs Prizegiving (8)


Seven of the eight rounds in IRL events will count towards the 2020 RSA IRL Summer Championship honours.


Call the RSA for specific information on the latest 2019/20 regulations. (048) 38 39 33 44


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