The next two events on the RSA calendar are the annual 'Christmas Cracker' event at Nutts Corner on Wednesday the 27th of December and our new 'Christmas' event, The 'New Year Irish National' at Pallas Motorsport Centre at Tynagh Co Galway on Saturday the 30th December. Entries are available for both events and can be made on line through the link in the Event Information below, through Facebook Messenger or by phone or text on +44 (0) 7788 598461. The entry for the Christmas Cracker at Nutts Corner has now reached the maximum entry of 140 drivers so all entries received from Wednesday the 13th of December will be be given a place on our reserve list and identified at the bottom of the Entry List in red font. They will automatically progress to the confirmed list when we receive withdrawals and cancellations as we progress in the next two weeks on the approach to the event . There are 35 entries still available for the Irish National event at Tynagh on Saturday the 30th but it will be capped at 100 due to parking limitations in Wintertime at this venue.

Remember only the entries received for 'The Christmas Cracker' before Saturday evening of the 23rd of December and for 'The Irish National' before the Wednesday evening of the 27th December will qualifiy for the Free Entry Draw on the morning of the events worth £90/100 so if you are not in you cannot win!

The latest editions of the entry lists for both events are now available and will be updated regularly as we approach each event. Both have filled up quite rapidly and If you want to guarantee your entry on thev entry lists, it is advised to enter sooner rather than later as both events will be restricted to a maximum number due to light availability together with paddock and parking space restrictions. We do not want to offend anyone with a refusal for late entries. Just click on the 'Entry List' link at the top of this page to view.

For detailed build specification for the Micra Challenge Cars please contact the series regulator, Aaron McLoughlin on 00 353 (0)87 2103604.

The first edition of our new newsletter, RSA NEWS is available through the link at the top of this page and if you would like to receive your personal copy of each issue just send us an email to confirm your delivery address.

A Selection of 2018 RSA personalised clothing and entry gift vouchers will be available soon from our new store so keep in touch with us for details.

The featured driver below is the new 2017 RSA NI Race Buggy Class 10 Champion, Seamus Donnelly.


NI Winter Championships – Round  2 – The Christmas Cracker – Wednesday 27th December

The New Year Irish National – Saturday 30th December

 The specific event details for the second round of the 2017/18 NI Winter Championship at Nutts Corner Motorsport Centre on Wednesday the 27th December and The New Year Irish National on Saturday the 30th December are detailed below and entries are available.

 The latest edition of the entry lists are available by selecting the Entry List link at the top of this page. If you want to guarantee an entry it is advised to make your entry  sooner rather than later as the entry numbers will be restricted due to light limitations. The lists will be updated regularly as we approach the events. 

If you would like to enter either of these events you can enter on line by selecting the appropriate link below, contact us by email or through Facebook Messenger or simply phone/text your entry to +44 (0) 7788 598461. 

The gates to the circuits will be open at 7.45am and it is very important to have your entry registered on the entry list before the event to save time at signing on which will allow us to get the event running on time in these winter months when we have  light limitations.      

  We hope you will enjoy your events with The RSA this Winter and as always everyone is welcome.

Round Two, of the 2017/18 RSA, Adventure Ireland, NI Winter Championship - The Christmas Cracker - Nutts CornerMotorsport Centre - Wednesday the 27th of December. The RSA New Year Irish National - Pallas Motorsport Centre - Saturday the 30th December.


The latest edition of the entry lists for the next two events which are the RSA ‘Christmas Cracker’ event which will held at Nutts Corner Motorsport Centre on Wednesday the 27th December and The ‘New Year Irish National’ which will be held at The Pallas Motorsport Centre on the 30th December are available. They will be updated periodically as we make the approach to the event.

Entries can be made on-line through this Enter Online link, on Facebook Messenger or by phone or text on our direct entry number (0044) 7788 598461.

The gates to both venues will open at 7.30am. Signing on will commence 8.00am in the clubhouse and scrutiny will take place in the service area at 8.15am. Please ensure all cars have been cleaned for this event and competition clothing and helmets for car crews are available for inspection at scrutiny. Noise testing may also be taken so please ensure vehicles can satisfy the maximum permitted RSA noise regulation of 105 dba measured 1 metre from the exhaust end at 3500 rpm cars and 6000 rpm for race buggies.

The competitors briefing will take place at the clubhouse at 9.50am and ALL competitors and children’s parents/guardians MUST be in attendance.

A sighting lap for each crew will start at 10.15am and the first stage of a scheduled  seven will follow immediately after.

The prize giving for this event will take place 15 minutes after the last car finishes in the clubhouse and everyone is invited to attend. The final results will also be available here for download by 6.00pm that evening.

We wish all competitors and friends a great event and for any support information required just phone 0044 7788 598461.



Entries are available just call or text our entry line on: 

+ 44 (0) 7788 598461 or alternatively enter online through this link

Online entries are simple and reduce competitors administration time on the day and are welcomed in winter and spring time. Phoned or text entries can finish the entry process by completing the entry form at ‘signing on’ on the morning of the event.


The results for Round 1 of The 2017/18 RSA NI Winter Championship held on Saturday the 18th November at Aghadowey Motorsport Centre are  available – just follow this Results link to view!

The final points details for The 2017 Irish Championship are also available just follow the Results link at the top of this page to view!

The final points details for the 2017 NI  Championship are also available just follow the Results link at the top of this page to view!

The final points details for the 2017 Bluestone Gravel Championship  are also available – just follow the Results link at the top of this page to view!


Rallysport Association NI WINTER CHAMPIONSHIP 2017/18

The next events in the RSA  calendar are:
The next events in the RSA calendar will be the  ever popular ‘ Christmas Cracker’ at Nutts Corner on Wednesday the 27th December which is also Round 2 of The Adventure Ireland NI Winter Championship and then a few days later we will hold the first ever ‘N  plate’ non championship event,’ The New Year Irish National ‘ at the  Pallas Motorsport Centre in Tynagh on Saturday the 30th December.
RSA_christmas cracker jpeg
I Nat flier jpeg sound



Round 1 – Saturday 4th November – Mondello Park
Round 2 – Saturday 10th February – Mondello Park (The Irish Open)
Round 3 – Saturday 10th March – Mondello Park (The Saint Patrick stages) 
The first round of this new Winter Championship has already taken place. Additional details are  available through the Mondello link at the top of this page and entries for round 2 on the 10th of February will be available from the 2nd January 2018.    



 Sat 18th November – Aghadowey 


Wed 27th December ­– Nutts Corner  (NI 2/Xmas Cracker)


Sun 21st January ­– Nutts Corner  


 Sat 17th February – Aghadowey 


Sun 18th March ­– Nutts Corner  (Nl 5 & Prizegiving)


2018 Summer Championships ‘early’ dates


Saturday 7th April – Aghadowey 


Sunday 15th April – Tynagh
We are always trying to put in our greatest efforts to give RSA competitors the largest possible range of diverse venues and locations throughout Ireland to enjoy motorsport with the Rallysport Association and we are glad that we were still able to offer them all at our very competitive entry fees while insurance levys and additional penalty costs are having a serious impact on ‘regulated’, (MSA/MI) motorsport. We hope to have news of new venues to be included in 2018 and details will be announced when they are available.
Entries are always welcome with us for just one event, a few events or for the full championship and casual and new competitors are always very welcome.

The 2017 Irish Championship has now been finalised at Mondello Park on the 4th November which was also the first round of our first ever Irish Winter Championship which will be held over three events at Mondello which includes The Irish Open on the 10th February and our final round on the 10th March

 This 2017 Irish Championship consisted of three rounds at Mondello on the 18th February, 29th July and 4th November and two rounds at Tynagh on the 16th April and 1st October.

We do hope we can count on your continued support and if any of you are interested in supporting any RSA Championship or events within the 2018 Championship season as sponsors in any way please contact us on info@therallysportassociation.com or by phone or text on 0044 (0) 7788 598461

The dates for the 2018 Bluestone RSA Gravel Championship will be advised in the early months of 2018. 

Rally cars, Race buggies and Autograss cars are all invited to enter.

The Championship results for 2017 are available through the RESULTS link at the top of this page. 

The dates for the 2017/18 Rallysport Association Irish Winter Championship are now listed below.

Saturday 4th November – Mondello Park 

Saturday 10th February –  Mondello Park (The Irish Open 2018)

Saturday 10th March – Mondello Park (The Saint Patrick stages and Prize Giving)  

  All the three rounds will count towards 2017/18  RSA Irish Winter Championship honours.

There is an additional non championship event on Saturday the 30th December called The RSA Irish National, entries are now available.


The RSA Mini Cup

The RSA Mini Cup event details and entry information. The Rallysport Association Northern Ireland

Free Entry Draw

Any competitor who enters before the Wednesday evening preceding any of our events and competes on the day will qualify for a draw to win a free entry to the next calendar event or the next event at the same venue. This prize winner will be announced at the drivers briefing so remember all… 

‘if you are not in you cannot win’!     

The first edition of the event entry list for the next event will be available on Wednesday the 9th August and can be viewed by selecting the this Entry List link. To enter just click the ‘Enter Online‘ link to enter by email or alternatively place your entry by phone or text, 9am – 9pm on (+ 44) 07788 598461 and pay the entry fee at reception on the day. If you don’t get an immediate ‘live’ answer just leave a brief message and your call will be returned as soon as possible.

It is also  very important to have the entry list prepared prior to the event day to prepare the scrutiny and noise test lists and other details including the new entry prize draw. We also like to avoid unnecessary start delays so if you do intend to compete please simply contact us either by phone, text, Facebook or email with your entry details.

 Entries will be taken by phone, text, email and on-line and then confirmed on the Entry List when available to view.


Dear RSA Competitor


We have noticed at several of our previous events that many competitors leave it very late to enter or do not bother to pre-enter at all even despite the opportunity to win a free entry worth £90 in a draw.

We have made it very easy for our competitors to enter our events with several simple method options.

It is vital that we have an idea of the names and number of participants by the Wednesday preceding our events to prepare the necessary paperwork and confirm all our support people for the event, staff, timekeepers, marshall’s , medical support, toilets and the caterer and our insurers need this information too. An event earlier this year was cancelled because of insufficient entries received at this decision time and I believe 20 or so competitors actually turned up at the venue on the day!

If this situation is to continue we will have no option to penalise those very late entrants with a ‘late entry fee’ as other motorsport organisers do.

So for future events that you intend to compete in with The RSA just enter on line, on facebook or just simply lift your phone and call/ text us 24/7 with your entry details BEFORE the Thursday before the event – that’s all we ask and the additional ‘penalty’ fees can be avoided.


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